Most important compact tractors agricultural attachments and safety parts

If you are planning to buy compact tractors from seller then you should focus on certain safety attachments that are necessary to use for you and your equipment too. Luckily there are plenty of options available, here we will discuss on most important safety parts only that are must-have requirement for every tractor buyer. The options available are given below –

Backup Alarm

You must have heard about accidents that happen when tractors move back. People and children roaming in that area are not able to realize that machine is moving back or sometimes driver is not able to check person available at back side. It can pose a serious safety threat that can harm anyone.


Here back up alarm is appreciable option that should be attached to compact tractors. It will give very loud sound warning to the person standing behind. Now they will get out of way when you are moving machine in back direction. It can be installed quickly in both recent and previous compact tractors.

Locking fuel cap

You must be thinking how locking fuel cap can help you? Actually, fuel cap protects your fuel from stealing because other person cannot access cap itself. It is an excellent safety measure that ensures that fuel cap should not be kept open where debris can fall in and avoids accidental damages too.

Locking fuel cap can be customized for old and new tractors both. It is available with set of keys and can be quickly accessed by honor whenever it is necessary to use.

Door Locks

Are you still worried that someone can steal your agriculture equipment? If yes, then door locks can help you here. If you lose your farm equipment then it can be time consuming in terms of insurance claims. The better idea is to protect your equipment in advance against all security threats.

These safety attachments are helpful for your farm equipment especially in case of compact tractors. You can use other accessories too but these 3 are mandatory and should be used by every buyer for better protection.